North Star Solar Bear Custom Steel frames are the best out there.  These framing systems stand alone in quality and are constructed and designed by North Star Solar Bears for each individual project.  Mounted on legs made of 6” steel square tubes that are 10 feet long, Each leg is gravel-packed, or concreted in the ground to a depth of 5 feet mounted in the landscape position. We install Canadian solar panels on our frames with Enphase mini-inverters, both carry a 25 year warranty.  (However we can build using other panels and inverters upon request.)  Panels are connected with Enphase trunk cable.  Each panel has its own inverter, making it possible to monitor each panels' performance.  The individual inverters also make it easy to expand the system in the future.  We build many different sizes of solar systems.  Each system is built to best suit each customers individual needs. 


We are happy to announce our newest frame!  Drumroll PLEASE! 


Sulas Helio Drive Suntracking Frame. 

Our latest and greatest new framing system stands alone.  The first of its kind, we are happy to have teamed up in designing a framing system for this state of the art invention made by SULAS.  This is a suntracking system that runs completely on the power of the sun - NO motor.  Gaining an extra 21% in productivity, this product can't be beat! 


Seasonable Adjustable Tilt Frame

Designed specifically for solar productivity, this framing system is built with an adjustable tilting system which allows you to manually tilt your solar frames 4 times per year according to the seasons.  Providing more productivity then a fixed frame, it's a great choice for any solar project.


Solar Savings Example

A 10.2 Kw unit is expected to generate 15,000 Kwh annually.  At $0.08/watt. This unit will offset your current electricity bill by about $100-120 a month.